02. Design and realize a 5G+ MIMO characterization setup

As the standardization of 5G telecommunication slowly gets settled and the required design innovation is under development, the next challenge on the roadmap is the characterization of the new setups. This work contributes to the characterization of the MIMO over-the-air communication devices.

State-of-the-art MIMO measurement benches fall short to characterize such systems because of their tedious calibration and the associated long measurement times. To remove this roadblock, you will propose and design a new MIMO device characterization You will collaborate with industrial partners to maximize the practical usefulness.

To test the new ideas under optimal experimental conditions, an existing MIMO test setup in the 8 GHz band will be used as a proof-of-concept. You will contribute to the development of the setup in a mixed industrial-academic team.

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Yves Rolain
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