02. Multi-dimensional Characterization of Power Amplifiers and Mixers

Power amplifiers and mixers are the key components in the development of wireless communication channels. During their design, component-level models are used that are both expensive to evaluate and expose the design. Component users on the other hand require accurate figures of merit that easily adapt to the operation conditions of their systems.

To solve this contradiction, you will use a multi-dimensional model-based approach. What this means is that you will extract a model under variable conditions for the excitation signals, the impedance loading, and the bias conditions of the components under test. To keep this process manageable calls for a combination of maximally informative experiment design techniques, statistically efficient data processing, and flexible big data techniques.

Your proof-of-concept will result in traceable and flexible model with a known error bound. As the model covers the complete range of operation of the device, it can immediately be included in system design and characterization. Industrially relevant problems and systems to be tested are provided through collaboration with an industrial partner. 

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Yves Rolain
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