03. Calibration for the RF engineer: The DIY calibration

The current state-of-the-art in RF calibration techniques assumes that devices are measured through either a probing station or connectorized cables. The new developments in advanced RF design complicate such an approach significantly, as components/systems are no longer connected through these interfaces. Connections over the air, packaged components and/or systems on a chip or board call for a measurement and hence a calibration that supports non-insertable and more exotic connections by construction.

You will contribute to the development of custom circuits or systems that have the potential to be used as calibration standards, and their integration in the calibration process. You will invent, design, and characterize new rich and flexible standards that are well adapted to the specific measurement interface and next use them to calibrate real-world devices and assess the performance of the calibration. To maximize the industrial impact of the designs, you will closely collaborate with an industrial partner.

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Yves Rolain
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