08. Improving the time-domain subsystem of a Vector Network Analyzer

Vector network analyzers (VNA’s) are the swiss army knife for any RF and microwave engineer. The measure the frequency response of 2 port or multi-port devices in an automated, precise and repeatable way with a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

Most analyzers are equipped with a time-domain option, that transforms the measured response to the time domain. As often the circuits are measured over a part of the bandwidth of the device only, signal processing is needed to ensure that the calculated and the real response of the device remain similar. Vendor application notes learn that time-domain response extraction methods mainly remained unchanged over the last decades, while the signal processing knowledge has evolved a lot.

The goal of this work is to try new ideas and concepts based on signal modeling to obtain more accurate time domain responses. Both global and local models are in the run to be used, and our belief is that they can lead to a vast improvement of the measured time domain response of any VNA.

Theory: 30%, simulation and algorithm design: 40%, validation and measurement: 30%



Yves Rolain
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