09. Design and realization of a non-reciprocal circulator

Non-reciprocal components, such as circulators and gyrators, are essential in contemporary wireless communications systems to obtain a reliable in-band full-duplex communication. In recent years, the focus in this field has shifted towards non-magnetic circulators that break the Lorentz reciprocity by purposely introducing periodic time-variation into the circulator's structure [1]. These non-magnetic circulators can be implemented using different circuit architectures. Popular choices are N-path filters and switched transmission line topologies.

During this thesis, you will

  •  study how these RF non-reciprocal circulators function both on the system-level as on the circuit-level.
  •  design such a non-reciprocal circulator using transmission lines and RF switches.
  •  characterize your eventual fabricated design using measurements.

Interested or curious to know more? Feel free to contact dries.peumans [at] vub.be !


[1] N. Reiskarimian, A. Nagulu, T. Dinc, and H. Krishnaswamy, “Integrated conductivity-modulation-based RF magnetic-free nonreciprocal components: Recent results and benchmarking,”IEEE An-tennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol. 17, no. 11, pp. 1978–1982, 2018.

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