15. Build a green, power efficient RF power amplifier using a Doherty amplifier architecture for 2.4GHz applications

The aim is to study and build a Doherty power amplifier which combines the output of 2 amplifiers in a clever way in order to obtain a more power efficient, greener RF power amplifier. This design puts less focus on the different classes of amplifiers to be used. The classical way of working is to combine a class AB and class C amplifier. Combining the 2 individual amplifiers is as such a challenge.

Hence, this thesis includes

  • Study and design of a class AB and a class C RF amplifier using discrete GaN transistors (e.g. using the Cree Wolfspeed CG2H40010 transistor) and the professional RF PCB fabrication with Advanced Design Systems (ADS) software of Keysight,
  • Combine the amplifiers into a Doherty amplifier architecture,
  • Build and measure both the individual amplifiers and the (combined) Doherty amplifier.
  • Measure the amplifiers’ performance using RF spectrum and network analyzers.


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