16. Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) of a power amplifier

Digital Pre-Distortion (or DPD) is often used to pre-distort the analog signal prior to sending it to the power amplifier such that the amplifier’s nonlinear distortion is compensated. Hence, the combined system of PDP and power amplifier behave linearly and can therefore satisfy the stringent specifications required for the complex modulation schemes using in modern telecom applications.
The aim of this thesis is to start from an existing power amplifier design, design the DPD and very its performance on e.g. the measured Error Vector Magnitude (EVM). Different 5G amplifier designs and realizations are available at VUB/elec and imec. Depending on the student’s preference, it is possible to focus on either simulations within ADS, or using hardware realizations of amplifiers and measure them using National Instrument instrumentation.


Possible collaboration with imec and/or National Instruments
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