16. Implementing a MIMO hardware realization using Universal Software Defined Radio (USRP)

Different wireless standards are proposed for 5G, including OFDM, CDMA, and TDMA based communication standards. In this thesis, we want to target a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) OFDM implementation using a Universal Software Defined Radio (USRP) of Ettus.

The challenge is to start with a system level study using the communication toolbox of Matlab and gradually works towards the complete Matlab/Simulink implementation where OFDM packages are transmitted from 1 PC to another. Needless to say that first an Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) communication systems is targeted before moving to the MIMO implementation.

The design of the OFDM system comprises all the possible issues one needs to solve in practice:

  • Designing the Cyclic Prefix (CP) and the individual QAM modulations used based on the specifications
  • Packet detection using preamble (start of a message)
  • Carrier Frequency Offset compensation (CFO)
  • Sampling Frequency Offset compensation (SFO)
  • Channel estimation using preamble and using pilot tones
  • Extension towards MIMO communication


It should be noted that all these steps for the OFDM modulation / demodulation can be reused for the other 5G proposals: It is possible to use this hardware realization of the OFDM system to hook it up to the power amplifier design, the OTFS modulation, the measurement and modeling of the channel characteristics, and the channel coding.

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