32. Development of a Flexible Multi-Channel Modulator, Based on a Commercial Software Defined Radio Platform in Combination with Open-Source Software

In data communication systems, the signal is modulated and demodulated according to known modulation schemes. Most hardware (de-)modulators have a limited (and fixed) list of supported modulation schemes. Recently, Software-Defined radio (SDR) platforms have seen a spectacular increase in performance due to the development of high-speed ADC’s and the increased performance of commercial SDR platform hardware. Combining a SDR platform with open-source software (e.g. GNUradio) would allow a single low-cost device to modulate and demodulate data streams according to a quasi-unlimited list of modulations and codings. The goal of this thesis is to develop and verify a highly flexible modulator, replacing multiple lab modulators with a single device.



Yves Rolain
Antwerp Space NV
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