35. Development of an Efuse Module (Resettable Very Fast Electronic Fuse) as Second Level Protection on the Typical 28VDC Power Supply Lines of Space Subsystems

During the life cycle of a subsystem for a space application, for example a deep space transponder, there is a need to power up the different models of the subsystem, from prototype to flight model, and its assemblies for testing. Human error, failing power supplies or degraded components can damage or even destroy the device under test. To prevent damage, a so called second level protection on the power supply lines is a common practice. The electronic fuse “eFuse” concept shall be based on the use of specific low cost industrial integrated circuits to implement, document and test a very simple but reliable and fast electronic fuse. The purpose is ground test setups (EGSE / suitcase / clean lab).



Yves Rolain
Antwerp Space NV
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