36. Digital pre-compensation of an Arbitrary Waveform Generator operating at microwave frequencies

Accurate characterization of microwave components operating in a 5G context heavily draws on the capability to impose carefully crafted excitation signals on the DUT. Spectral purity and accuracy of the excitation is a key issue to empower simple yet accurate extraction of information about the device.

Unfortunately, RF AWG’s often have a limited resolution and suffer from some spectral distortion that complicates data processing significantly.

You will perform a measurement-based compensation of the linear dynamics of the generator to start with. Next, you will quantify the power spectrum of the nonlinear distortion and design a spectrum controller that reduces this distortion. Finally, you will apply the designed scheme to compensate an AWG operating at IF frequencies first, and at RF frequencies next.

Theory: 30%, Simulation and identification: 50% Experimental verification: 20%



Yves Rolain
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