Electrothermal Modeling for Microwave Power Amplifier Design


In modern electronic components and systems, thermal effects can heavily affect both reliability and performance if the thermal design is poorly defined. These effects can be related to several factors, such as increase in power density induced by high integration levels, use of insulation schemes based on silicon dioxide, and adoption of advanced materials suffering from poor thermal conductivity (e.g., GaAs and AlGaN). The thermal design can be improved by means of accurate electrothermal simulations that require efficient and accurate electrothermal models.


This thesis aims to study and implement electrothermal models for power amplifiers. These electrothermal models are based on the coupling between an electrical model and a thermal model. These models, implemented into a circuit simulator, will allow an efficient and accurate prediction of the impact of thermal effects on the performances of power amplifiers.



Schematic representation of a power amplifier


Fig: Schematic representation of a power amplifier and an electrothermal model.



Yves Rolain
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