High-dimensional models for the design of complex microwave systems

Modern scientific challenges in several domains face the increasing complexity of the systems to be analyzed, characterized, designed and controlled. The behavior of these complex systems is dependent on a large number of parameters (geometrical and material features, power, temperature, viscosity, elasticity, etc.), which leads to high-dimensional modeling challenges. Very large scale integration electronics, complex microwave filters and nanotechnologies are clear examples of scientific domains where high-dimensional modeling methodologies are fundamental to be a step ahead of the current knowledge and understanding.

This thesis aims to study and implement high-dimensional methodologies to build high-dimensional models, which can be used to efficiently and accurately study the effects of a large number of design parameters on the behavior of complex microwave circuits. The main application field of this thesis will be the design exploration, optimization and variablity analysis of microwave circuits, where several design parameters can influence the circuit behavior.

Microwave filter

Fig: Microwave filter with several design parameters.


Yves Rolain
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