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Annual report

Since 1989, each year, an annual report has been edited. Since 2009, the pdf files of the reports have been archived.

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Commercial software

The Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox (FDIDENT)

The Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox (FDIDENT) provides tools to measure, identify and evaluate linear models of dynamic systems, and to evaluate and characterize nonlinearities of a dynamic system. The procedures can be executed either by working with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), or in the command-line. Objects allow smooth data and model exchange with MATLAB’s control design toolboxes and its System Identification Toolbox.

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Free tools and data

Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox – Developers' page

Tools for frequency domain model identification and validation: Highlights

  • Design of optimized periodic excitation signals (multisine, binary, three-level)
  • Identification of continuous-time or discrete-time systems with unknown fractional delay
  • Model order selection
  • Model validation, including simulation, calculation of residuals, and test of cost functions
  • Calculation of confidence intervals of amplitude/phase and poles/zeros
  • Model conversion to and from the Control System Toolbox and System Identification Toolbox objects
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