Dealing with nonlinearities of industrial measurements

The project deals with the linearity measures of vibration testing techniques, when a physical prototype is available. The goal of the vibration testing is to obtain experimental data of the whole vibrating structure such as road and air vehicles [1]. Using these data it is possible to validate and to improve the dynamic models of systems under test.

The primary goal is to extend the nonlinear nonparametric SISO analysis techniques to MIMO case with a typical number of input channels between 2 and 10 [2]. The secondary goal is to develop a user-friendly software framework which provides the user with most relevant information needed for the nonlinear classification


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[2] R. Pintelon, J. Schoukens, G. Vandersteen, K. Barbé: Estimation of nonparametric noise and FRF models for multivariable systems—Part I: Theory, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 24, issue 3, pp. 573-595,2010

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