Seminar 05/03/2020 : Detection, Classification and Quantification of Nonlinear Distortions in Time-Varying Frequency Response Function Measurements

Speaker: Noël Hallemans -  ELEC

Time and place: Th, 05/03/2020, 12.30-13.00, ELEC seminar room


In various measurements of real life systems, for instance corrosion processes, one stumbles upon linear time-varying (LTV) behaviour which is corrupted by both noise and nonlinear distortions. The corruption by noise is well known in the literature. However, the corruption by nonlinear distortions is a new problem in the context of time-varying systems. These nonlinear distortions and noise are regarded as disturbances, they could for instance origin from the measurement equipment or unwanted behaviour of the system. The problem consists of extracting a linear time-varying model for the system from the measurements. Since the noise and the nonlinearities are disturbances, we can compute the associated uncertainty on the model. More specifically, one would like to distinguish between the uncertainty caused by, on the one hand, the noise and on the other hand the nonlinear distortions. Solutions for these problems are proposed in this presentation.

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