About ELEC

"ELEC" stands for "Fundamental Electricity and Instrumentation" (in dutch: "Algemene Elektriciteit en Instrumentatie") and the name corresponds with the educational and research tasks and objectives of the department. The main research activity of the department is the development of new measurement techniques using advanced signal processing methods, embedded in an identification framework. 

Our research topics

The long term objective of the department is the realization of the IMMI project (Interpretation by Measuring, Modelling and Identification), since 1989. Besides this main project, which covers a broad spectrum of several related activities, also some other independent research topics are at stake.

Carrier aggregation intermodulation distortions in Advanced Systems

Achieving greater throughput in telecommunications requires increasing bandwidth. However, due to scarcity in carrier frequencies, the required bandwidth may not be available in a contiguous band. LTE Advanced uses multiple bands  for  one  single user, which is known as carrier  aggregation  [1...

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