22. Exploring space mapping techniques to speedup electronic design

Space mapping techniques is an engineering approach to gradually refine the initial design with parasitic effect coming from (possibly lengthy) field simulations or measurements. This enables microwave designers to use the ADS optimization techniques to speed up the design by including surrogate models based on Momentum simulations.

Different space mapping approaches exist in the literature (amongst which input space mapping, output space mapping, tuning space mapping). The aim is to determine which approach is the most effective in the context of a co-design of an amplifier and an antenna. Hence, the thesis starts from a passive microwave structure such as a filter or antenna and investigates the various space mapping techniques.

Two possible technologies can be chosen for this this: both a “low” frequency (<10GHz) PCB technology and the backend-of-line of a InP-technology for D-band 6G applications can be considered.


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