Blind and off-grid acoustic echoes retrieval using multichannel annihilating filters

ELEC seminar room

Speaker: Antoine Deleforge, Inria Nancy

Abstract: When a sound wave propagates from a point source through a medium and is reflected on surfaces before reaching microphones, the measured signals consist of mixtures of the direct path signal with delayed and attenuated copies of itself. This acoustical phenomenon is referred to as echoes, or reverberation, and is generally considered as a nuisance in audio signal processing. After introducing some basic signal processing and acoustic background, this seminar will present recent works showing how acoustic echoes can be blindly estimated from audio recordings, using a method combining annihilating filter estimation and polynomial rooting. We will then show how the knowledge of such echoes can in fact help some audio signal processing tasks such as beamforming, source separation or sound source localization.


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