Spontaneous applications at the dept. ELEC

We are always open for considering spontaneous applications of talented potential PhD candidates. If you are interested in doing scientific research at PhD level at the ELEC department, please check if the following description applies to you, and prepare a motivation letter and a CV which demonstrates this.

The research environment

The department ELEC has more than 35 years of experience in

  • Measurement and modelling of dynamical systems,
  • Developing fundamentally sound system identification tools, and
  • Applying these identification tools to engineering problems in the form of (inter)national collaborations and of in-house applications (especially in RF electronics and telecommunication). 
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System identification is the engineering discipline which aims at constructing mathematical models of physical systems, based on measured data. The purpose of these estimated models can be very broad: to gain physical insights into the system, to build a robust controller, to detect anomalies, to compensate for unwanted behaviour, to predict future outcomes, to improve medical diagnosis, to schedule preventive maintenance, etc...


You are a talented electrical or mechanical engineer at Master level. You have the intention to perform scientific research, in view of obtaining a PhD degree. You can work independently and collaborate in a team on challenging problems. You are eager to learn, have good didactical skills and enjoy sharing your knowledge with students and peers. You are fluent in English, and a good knowledge of Dutch is a big advantage.


Good basic knowledge on the following topics are required

  • System identification
  • System and control theory
  • Signal processing
  • Statistics
  • (RF) Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Linear algebra, complex analysis, Fourier and Laplace transforms
  • Hands on experience with Matlab
  • Good communication skills



Interested candidates should send a detailed CV along with a motivation letter to

Ann Pintelon (Ann.Pintelon [at] vub.be)

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