Leo Van Biesen


Emeritus Prof. Dr. ir. Leo Van Biesen

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Building K - Room K.6.04A


Leo Van Biesen was born in Elsene, Belgium, on August 31, 1955. He received the degree of Electro-Mechanical Engineer from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels in 1978, and the Doctoral degree (PhD) from the same university in 1983. He has been a full senior professor. He chaired courses on fundamental electricity, electrical measurement techniques, signal theory, computer-controlled measurement systems, telecommunication, underwater acoustics and Geographical Information Systems for sustainable development of environments. His interests focuss on signal theory, modern spectral estimators, time domain reflectometry, wireless local loops, xDSL technologies, underwater acoustics, and expert systems for intelligent instrumentation. He has been chairman of IMEKO TC-7 from 1994-2000 and President Elect of IMEKO for the period 2000-2003 and the liaison Officer between the IEEE and IMEKO. Prof. Dr. Ir. Leo Van Biesen has been president of IMEKO until September 2006, and chair of the Advisory Board of IMEKO until 2009. He was also member of the board of FITCE Belgium and of USRSI Belgium. He has been the chair of ELEC until September 30th 2019. Since October 2019 he is 10% assigned to the department as Professor emeritus and teaches telecommunication.


Expert systems for intelligent instrumentation
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