METH1 - Center for Data Based Modelling and Model Quality Assessment.


The ultimate goal of the project is to set up and maintain a centre for system identification, summarized in the motto: "From data to model"

The aim of this centre is to develop, acquire and disseminate advanced system identification methods.

This project follows three lines towards this long term goal:

  1. Development of advanced identification methods for dynamic systems
  2. High risk new challenges:
    • Development of a 'non-asymptotic' identification theory
    • Identification in the presence of noise and model errors
  3. Learning, dissemination, networking: The aim is to acquire and disseminate actively knowledge from/to other fields by offering one year research grants for visitors.
    • Learning: On the one hand we want to acquire system identification methods that are developed in other fields like statistics, econometrics, and are unknown within the control- and measurement society (learning), by hosting specialists of these fields for longer periods.
    • Dissemination: On the other hand, many scientific disciplines face the problem of extracting mathematical models from experimental data, while this does not belong to their core business. Here, we want to give an active support to transfer sound identification methods to these groups, by hosting and paying PhD-students of external (VUB-)groups for a longer period.
    • Networking: Extend the existing international network of post-doc and senior researchers by combining short term and/or long term visits.


Rik Pintelon
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